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NAME: Ang D.
JOURNAL: [ profile] ciliandis
AIM: HorribleWilliam
WIKI NAME: ang_d

CHARACTER NAME: Barney Stinson
FANDOM: How I Met Your Mother
CANON: Mid-second season, after 2.07 ("Swarley, aka Crazy Eyes")
WHAT THEY LOST: Barney has lost the memory of his "wingman" and best friend, Ted Moseby. He remembers Robin, Marshall, and Lily ... but not Ted.

PERSONALITY: To be brief, there is no way of being brief about Barney Stinson. He is a legend in his own mind, and will go out of his way to tell you so. He is overconfident to the point of hyperbole, and as far as he's concerned, his opinion is not just the best: it's the ONLY one that counts. He makes it a point to be the life of the party ... and if there isn't a party, he'll find a way to make one, and make it "Legen ... wait for it ... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is ... dary!" Barney is an insufferable womanizer, though whether it stems from a fear of committment or a simple disdain is debatable. However, if someone he considers a friend is having relationship troubles, he will go out of his way to tell them exactly how they should be resolved. He's also fiercely loyal to the people he earmarks as his friends - even if they may not reciprocate the sentiment. (Never mind that his loyalty may show itself in strange, underhanded ways: he once helped Marshall reunite with Lily by undermining Marshall every time he tried to go out with another girl.) He's also a born performer, fond of karaoke, sleight of hand, and showing off whenever there's a piano present. He hates seeing anyone upset or depressed, though he won't outwardly say so - instead, he'll go to some ludicrous end to cheer them up - including mocking them until they lose their temper, and end up laughing about it afterwards. If anyone calls him on it, he'll just wave it off with a "No need to thank me - I'm just that awesome".

Underneath all his ego and bluster, Barney is a sensitive and very self-conscious person ... very, very, VERY far underneath. He's buried the sensitive, long-haired hippie he used to be under several layers of expensive suits and swagger, and if it ever shows up briefly, he'll cover it up immediately afterwards. It could be said that Barney Stinson wants to keep the party spinning around him constantly so that he won't have to stop and think about how fleeting it all is. He lives in the moment, and if he's robbed of that moment, he's nothing.

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